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Welcome to The SP Diagnostics Tyre Tracks News

After a hectic January with Christmas and the New Year out of the way, not to mention the spine chilling temperatures and snow that we have had, here is the first Tyre Tracks News for 2010!

Land Rover Service Reset

How quick? Customers have queried the time that the service reset function completes in, saying that it's too quick to work, compared to the OE tester which takes 30 minutes, our service function takes seconds. Just to confirm it does work and you can check that it completes as the service message and miles to go will vanish from the dash board display. The OE tester reconfigures the dashboard, doing things like setting the clock's time, we have streamlined our service function by removing these unnecessary processes.


New - Wireless Automotive Signal Processor

SP Diagnostics is proud to announce the first of many wireless modules for the SPi Handset, the Wireless Automotive Signal Processor works with the SPi handset, to provide voltage, frequency, low/high pulse width timing, duty cycle and current measurement with an appropriate current clamp.

wasp1.png wasp2.png

When used with the SPi graphing function, the module is able to help identify intermittent signal variations which may occur on the vehicle but are not necessarily easily seen in the serial data, this in conjunction with the component diagnostic data offers a powerful tool to be able to track down those awkward problems with sensors and wiring.

The wireless link to the handset provides an ideal solution to the otherwise difficult issues of running cables into the vehicle to make measurements during test or having to tie up an extra person to help.

Measures Common Automotive Signals

Reliable 50m Range Connection*
Battery Powered
User Updatable
Auto-Ranging Voltage
Digital Wireless Technology

*To find out more about the new module click here:
Wireless Automotive Signal Processor
Code Breaker Cover.jpg

EOBD Code Breaker Competition

Get your hands on a copy of the Peter Coombes EOBD Code Breaker book! Just enter your details in our online competition page and 4 lucky people could be the owners of one of the code breaker books worth £40.

The Code Breaker book has been produced as a reference and explanation for over 2700 EOBD / ISO fault codes.

Although it is not intended to be a “Diagnostic” book, it does provide a wealth of guidance for many diagnostic procedures and checks that can be carried out when a fault code is retrieved from a vehicle.

To enter click here: Code Breaker Competition

SPi & G2 Suite - 64 Bit & Windows 7, Vista etc..

The SPi and G2 Suites now work with 64 bit Windows, so if you have bought yourself a shiny new PC running Windows 7 - 64 bit, the updated suites will work with them. The suites also support Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7 in both 32 and 64 bit.


Potholes - Tracking Checks

The next time a customer comes in after hitting a pothole, it maybe worth advising the customer to get their tracking checked....

Motorists are being warned about the threat of 'invisible' potholes after a rise in accidents.

Road maintenance campaign website, Potholes.co.uk, reports an increase in drivers failing to notice water-filled potholes until it was too late - leaving many counting the cost of the damage to their vehicles.
The problem is increased by the combined result of the recent wet and wintry weather conditions and longer hours of darkness during the winter.

"The icy conditions over Christmas and the New Year have created new potholes across the country and motorists need to watch out," said Duncan McClure Fisher, of Warranty Direct, which set up the Potholes.co.uk site. "Treacherous ice and snow may be at the forefront of drivers' minds as the main hazard, but potholes are another danger they need to be aware of."

Potholes.co.uk user, Deborah Hill, from Durham, caused £290 worth of damage when she hit a pothole which had filled with rain water.

Ms Hill said: "The noise was horrendous when I hit the hole, it nearly knocked my teeth out. I had to pull in because the car felt strange. The wheel had gouges round the rim and my local garage revealed that it had knocked the tracking out completely and I had to replace the wheel."

Experts say there has been a 65 percent rise in defects on English roads alone during the past decade, with the shortfall in funding for repairs running at an estimated £1.6bn.

Potholes.co.uk was set up by leading automotive warranty provider, Warranty Direct, and revealed this year that the UK's 30 million motorists pay £1 million a day repairing damage done by potholes, with the average repair bill amounting to £240.

The UK has been lashed by record rainfall, heavy snow and icy weather recently. As the temperature continues to drop below zero, the 'freeze and thaw' effect that sees expanding rainwater crack the road will worsen matters further.

Garys Support Corner

Gary's Support Corner

Volkswagen Audi Group Adaption

So here we go, now that the snow has melted (Sorry Scotland) with a little insight into something you may or may not have tried using in the past? "Adaption" for those of you that don’t know this is a way of adjusting values stored in the cars ECU by inputting simple codes, i.e. To change the idle speed on a Petrol MkIV Golf you might “adapt” the engine ECU channel 01 to a value of 124, simple!. “Channel 01” defines the ECU idle speed setting and then “124” would be the new idle speed adaption value.

We already make life easier for you with the more common adaptions such as “Service Light Reset” or “Idle Speed Calibration (ISC)” which do all the hard work behind the scenes (Just like me) so you don’t have to.

Both the ACR4 and the SPi allow manual adaptions to be done when you need to do something a little more uncommon (e.g. disabling the horn sound on lock/unlock). There are a lot of websites on the internet where you can find the necessary adaption channel codes and values. Make sure you write down the old adaption value before you enter a new value.

I hope this sheds a little light on this subject and you feel happier to try Adaption in the future.


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