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SPi Suite Download


The latest version of the SPi Suite PC software. You will need this software to update your SPi/ServiceScan/KeyScan handset.

System Requirements:
Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
(Administrator permission may be required for installation)
Internet access (it may be necessary to allow outgoing connections via port 1433 in your firewall)
5MB free disk space
100MB free RAM
1 free USB port

Version History:
V1.094 - Fixed an issue with the handset update process that was introduced in 1.093.
V1.093 - Fixed the application store.
V1.091 - Added a Recover Details button to the Enter Security page in case the user does not know their subscription number.
V1.090 - Added support for 2-in-1 touchscreen laptops with Windows 10.
- Improved error handling in handset communication.
V1.088 - Improved speed of communication with the handset.
- Changed the update progress to display in KB or MB rather than bytes.
V1.087 - Minor internal improvements.
V1.085 - Added a check to make sure that the handset is in PC mode before updating.
- Windows XP is no longer supported in this version and later.
V1.069 - Updated digital signatures to avoid blocks by Windows 10 and IE11.
- Added prompt to renew expired subscriptions through the application store when checking for updates.
V1.065 - Support for Windows 10.
V1.064 - Addition of the Application Store to allow purchase of software update subscriptions.
- Allowed resizing of the Suite to fit on smaller screens (e.g. Netbooks).
V1.062 - Corrected expiry warning message on update available screen.
- Corrected time displayed on test results in options and help to use 24 hour clock.
- Corrections to branding and languages.
- Improved layout of application viewer screen.
V1.061 - Application Viewer: Manufacturer/model/type lists are now sorted alphabetically.
- Application Viewer: Added button to clear all selections.
- Handset communications: Resolved a timeout issue
- Saved Screens: Resolved an error when loading a large number of screens.
- Saved Screens: If a screen fails to load a red cross is displayed instead.
V1.060 - Improved support for languages.
- Added an option to delete subscription data from the PC.
- Revised logic of connection test in Options & Help.
- Improved communications between the PC and handset.
V1.057 - Backs up user files, e.g. saved screens, from the handset before updating and restores them after the update is complete.
- Notification at start-up when a newer PC Suite version is available.
- Added support for languages (set in Options and Help).
- Added display of subscription expiry date to Options and Help screen.
V1.053 - Fixes a driver installation error in V1.052 which affected Windows 64-bit
V1.051 - Closes any existing connections to the handset when launched.
V1.050 - New feature Pincode Tokens (currently used for Ford coded access and Renault 12-digit pin).
- Resolves an issue with the progress bar not reaching 100% for large updates.
- Improved communications between the PC and handset.
- Digitally signed driver
V1.046 - Resolves an exception error that would occur if the user pressed the back button on the Application Viewer screen before it had finished loading.
- SPi Suite displays a confirmation warning before exiting.
V1.044 - Application Viewer supports Windows 7 without needing to lower UAC setting.
- Application Viewer remembers changes made to the column widths.
- Default image format for Saved Screens can be set via Options and Help.
- Saved Screens preview window supports scrolling using a mouse wheel.
- Updating screen now shows amount of data (bytes) progressed as well as time remaining.
- SPi Suite applications and installer are now digitally signed.
- Improved layout for users who have set their display to 120 DPI (Large fonts).
V1.035 - Re-designed to support users who have set their display to 120 DPI (Large fonts).
V1.034 - Added Pincode Access functions for use with iKeys Pro keycoding.
- Added Vehicle Applications List viewer.
V1.022 - Corrects an issue with 64bit driver installation.
V1.020 - Adds support for 64bit versions of Microsoft Windows.
V1.018 - Made improvements to the time remaining counter when updating the SD card (time remaining refreshes more frequently).
- Changed the time limit used when testing for an internet connection on the SPi Tests screen. This was causing an issue whereby the tests screen could report 'Internet Connection: Failed' even though an internet connection was available.
- When the SPi Suite is opened it closes any other versions that are running or crashed (this should reduce 'SPi not detected' errors and avoid the need to restart the computer after a failed SPi update).
- Standardised the terms 'User ID' and 'Order Number' to 'Subscription Number' to try and reduce confusion.
- Improved the error messages displayed when unable to download SPi updates to be more descriptive.
- Added a warning that saved screens will be deleted from the SD card as part of an update.
V1.017 - Improvements to SPi driver installation.
- Faster deleting of saved screens (does not require reloads screens from SPi).
- Removed the delay exiting the saved screens page when a large number of screens have been transferred.
V1.016 - Ability to transfer screens saved on the SPi handset to your computer.

Submitted On:
27 Nov 2017
File Size:
5,747.20 Kb
File Version:
File Author:
Matt Barker
File Date:
27 Nov 2017

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